Closeout on Stucco Duct Tape.


We have available one load of stucco tape used in the building industry.

This load is available due to a cancelled order.


Product: Stucco tape

Origin: Made in the USA

Quantity: 1,240 cartons

Size: 4″ there are 12 per carton 840 cartons (10,080 rolls)

6″ there are 8 per carton 400 cartons (3,200 rolls)

Color: White, there will be some red in the lot as well.

Picture: Below

Cartons: 48 per pallet

Total Pallets: 27

Price: $ 3.49 $1.75 per roll 4″ x 60 yds.

$ 4.49 $2.50 per roll 6″ x 60 yds.

Total cost: 4″ $37,692            4″  $ 17,640

6″ $14,368              6″   $ 8,000 

OLD PRICE  US$ 52,060.00     $ 25,640   NEW PRICE

FOB: Pennsylvania


Advantages of stucco duct tape over normal duct tape.

The first thing to understand about the difference between general purpose duct tapes and stucco tapes is that they were designed for different purposes.

Duct tape is built to be robust enough for use in a wide variety of applications and day-to-day use as needed. It is also more likely to leave adhesive residue behind or damage surfaces that it is adhered to, and is less likely to stand up to the elements.

Stucco duct tape is built to stick to a wide variety of materials and textures, including wood, metal, concrete, vinyl, brick, and stucco without compromising strength or durability. It yields a serrated edge when torn rather than a straight edge, and conforms better to irregular surfaces than traditional duct tape. Stucco duct tape is engineered to maintain a strong hold and not flag when exposed to heavy sunlight, dry temperatures, or moisture. It has the ability to create a watertight seal and remove cleanly without damage or residue left behind.

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